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  1. How to Ask a Guy to Be Your Boyfriend: 15 Steps (with Pictures)
  2. Are we dating: what’s your relationship status?
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If there a place that is special to both of you—such as the site of your first date or a favorite monument--, you might choose to have the talk there to make it memorable. Make sure that the guy is not distracted. Do not ask him during a movie, while you are out with friends, or when he is working. If you ask him while you are in the car or eating at a restaurant, he may feel trapped. Have the conversation in a place where you are both comfortable. Introduce the question at the right moment. While hanging out on your planned day, you should focus on staying relaxed.

Wait until a good moment to introduce the topic. If he compliments you, you might compliment him back, starting a conversation on what you enjoy about each other. This is a natural segue into the relationship talk. If there a period of silence, you might bring up the issue. Say how happy you are in the moment, and see if the conversation comes up. Consider waiting for your guy to bring it up first.

This also helps you feel out whether your guy is comfortable with using titles or labels to define your relationship. This might be a good option if you are uncertain about your feelings or if you think that he is uncertain about the relationship. Do not wait around forever for a guy to bring up the question.

How to Ask a Guy to Be Your Boyfriend: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Set a date for yourself before you ask him. For example, you might give him a month before asking him yourself. Start with a compliment. Tell the guy what you like about him. This flattery will relax him, and it will make the relationship question much easier to broach.

A compliment about his humor, intelligence, or kindness is a good way to signal how you think about him. Explain your feelings about him. Once you have started on a positive note, it may be easy to start explaining your feelings for him. If you received a positive reaction from your compliment, you might want to delve deeper into your feelings. Explain to him how you feel about him.

Are we dating: what’s your relationship status?

You might explain that you have enjoyed your time together so far or that you are starting to develop feelings. He may become scared or worried that the relationship is moving too quickly. Ask your guy if he wants to be your boyfriend. It is best to ask him directly about whether or not he is ready to be your boyfriend. Depending on the situation, you can approach this question in a number of different ways. Do you want to become my boyfriend? You both might have different ideas of what a steady relationship means.

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Maybe he wants to have sex but you want to wait. When you have the talk, you both should clearly state what you expect out of the situation. For example, you might say, "I expect a guy to be faithful and to be honest with me. I'm not ready for marriage yet, but I do want to explore the possibility of a more serious relationship. Give him time to respond. The guy might be feeling pressured or uncomfortable by the question. If he appears anxious, uncomfortable, or hesitant, you might want to give him a day or two to think over his answer.

Give it some time before you make your decision. If he does not give you a time frame, you can ask again after a few days.

Have you decided where we stand? If he did not give you a straight answer right away, you might text him once after you asked the question and again in a day or two. Give him some space if he needs it to decide. If he states that he does not want to be your boyfriend, try to remain positive. Try to smile, and let him know that you understand. He may be content with continuing a casual relationship, or he may want to end things there. Consider your own feelings before proceeding. If he wants to end things, respect his choice.

Thank him for your time together, but state that you understand.

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Good luck in the future. Do not agree unless you are willing to be just friends. If you feel as though this would be difficult, be honest. It is natural to feel upset about this, but it does not mean that he necessarily dislikes you. He may only feel awkward about the situation. My friend asked my crush if he liked me and all he did was blush.

What does this mean? It means he likes you but he's too nervous to admit it. You should ask him yourself, he'd probably be much more likely to be honest with you. Do it in a private place so he doesn't get embarrassed.

How Long Should You Wait Before Having the ‘Relationship’ Chat?

Not Helpful 0 Helpful Sometimes it's harder for guys to understand and be sure about their feelings. If he said "maybe," just give him some time to think it over. Not Helpful 9 Helpful It honestly depends on how ready you are. Some people are ready at 10, others are ready at Not Helpful 15 Helpful I've had a crush on this guy for a long time and he asked me out twice and I said no and since then, I've realized how much of a jerk he was, but I still like him! What do I do? He also asked out my BFF. If he's a jerk then you don't need him. You deserve better and if he truly liked you he wouldn't have hurt you by asking out your best friend.

Move on and find someone else.

#27yearslater is trending today. Here's why.

Not Helpful 12 Helpful You accept that either the guy isn't right or the time isn't right. Even if he isn't perfectly happy in his relationship, you don't want to try to break them up, as that will only engender bad feelings all around and cast a shadow of guilt over your hoped for new relationship with him. Not Helpful 5 Helpful What if he is not ready to have a girlfriend, and then he started ignoring me?

Tell him you understand and you'd like to still be friends. Maybe in the future when he's ready things will be different. For now, don't push, just focus on getting to know him and being his friend. Of course it is! You can date anyone you want, no matter what they look like. Not Helpful 13 Helpful I like this guy who has been showing signs of liking me but he has a girlfriend.

But they don't talk and he doesn't talk about her? Should I ask him out at the end of the school year? You should first casually and subtly ask him if he is happy in his relationship. If he says no then maybe you should give it a shot.