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He gives them an ultimatum to come with an entirely different design by the next morning. It means that the developers have to come with partially redesigned plans and all the key people are summoned to the office for an all-nighter, including Angela, the secretary.

Dahlene will set up different traps to get Angela fired, even if this jeopardises the project. It is up to the player to circumvent that disaster from happening, often resulting in a series of clicks or click and drag , that have to be done in a limited time and in the right order. Of course all the men and even her female rival want to have a go at Angela and as she is determined to bring the project to a good end, she is gladly accepting the attention and the body fluids that seem to come with that.

In part two Angela goes home to get some fitting outfits, as Mr. Wallhard wants her to explain the redesigned project the next morning. CEO Gerry gets the final choice and it is a nice touch that every dress leads to a different ending, so here is where you want to note down a game savepoint see underneath to restart from there. Of course Gerry takes advantage of the situation as well and Angela's special services get her promoted to Chief of the Administrative Department, which obviously is not liked by Dahlene who will set a new trap to get Angela fired.

There are plenty of bad situations where you lose the game if you are not careful and fast and precise and three different 'good' ones where Angela meets Kristina Cordoba, CEO of the Cordoba holding, and saves the day. At the end of this post we will spoil the fun a bit by revealing those but it is of course far more funny to find all endings by your own and also the 'bad' endings do contain some naughty surprises. Another Late Night At The Office might not be the best Shark's game, it lacks a bit in the story department, but is horny as a rabbit in heat, shamelessly smutty and that is what we like to see from Shark.

Hmmm, I feel a contradiction coming up. Never mind the bollocks, like a great philosopher once said All games are playable online and can be downloaded often in better quality at Mediafire. They have a hint system that can be activated by typing the right word, highlight or mark the space between the quotes " like this " to reveal the secret word. I noted down the following codes when I played the game for this review and that incomplete list can be found hereafter:. The purpose of the Priv-box is to finance Shark's website and the development of new games. For a participation of 10 euros one can access the private box for 30 days.

Date Ariane Walkthroughs

When a new game is finished, the old one becomes free to play, but without the bonus scenes or extra games that are only published in the Priv-box. The ArianeB game is 10 years old. But in those 10 years, several things have changed, and it isn't finished yet. Those who have played the online version of Ariane Dating Game recently, and I mean the first Ariane Barnes incarnation that made this walkthrough blog a relative hit, may have noticed that some features have changed.

One thing is that the images well, almost all of them have been blown op from to x pixels to x pixels. This seems to be a good thing as cheap monitors get bigger and bigger and download speeds get faster and faster even on mobile devices , but that is not all The clickable, but invisible, hotspot zones also called image maps for those who still remember html courses have been replaced by easy to spot links. The good thing is it has been made possible to play the game on tablets and phones like that, because with a fat finger you can't hover over an invisible link.

The other thing however Well, I would be daft to forbid the Creator to make the game tablet-friendly, but I can't unthink the impression that this is another case where new technology leads to a further nivellement par le bas instead of creating an intellectual boost of the masses. I'm sorry, but this is the time of the year I get my annual Frankfurter Schule identity crisis.

Little by little the original and rather cute Ariane 1 graphics are being replaced by their modern equivalent, starring the new Ariane who can be seen in SITA. This will obviously enhance Ariane's corporate image, but it does look like a frankenmix operation to me, a kind of smothering like the KGB used to do on old USSR pictures containing people who fell from grace for one reason or another.

I caught the term frankenmix on a music forum where it was used to describe a remastered, updated and modernised release of a sixties music track by using digital technology and effects. Despite the record company's press release that it is still the same track, but cleaned up and enhanced in the way the musicians originally wanted it to sound, but were unable to do in the sixties, it actually is a frankenstein-like amalgam, like a field of corn that is slowly contaminated by its genetically modified equivalent.

Matilda Mother , from Syd Barrett 's Pink Floyd , comes to mind that was released in a alternative mix, rumoured to be a patchwork of different takes and third millennium digital wizardry. Plutarch already raised the question around the year 75 in his Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans. He writes that the ship of Theseus was preserved as a museum piece by the Athenians, who gradually replaced the old planks by new ones.

The Theseus' paradox became a popular subject among philosophers: The same paradox also appeared in popular culture centuries later as George Washington's or Abe Lincoln's axe. Whoever the president is, he is apocryphally cited as follows: But the main proof that ArianeB, version 8. In all previous ArianeB versions alcohol played an important role. In order to get her in the sack, to use a politically incorrect term, Ariane had to be fuelled with alcohol.

The difficulty was to find the right amount of alcohol and if my memory serves me well, the ideal was three glasses, lunch included, see: This no longer will be necessary, although beer and wine can still be consumed in the game. Ariane's motives to get romantically involved with the player are now unlocked by a combination of four different personality traits: The trait that has the most points will influence the rest of the game and some hints are given away at the latest Ariane blog post.

For the next months playing ArianeB online will be a somewhat psychedelic experience as her face and clothes will change from page to page, from picture to picture. As long as the transition has not been fully completed, and the script has not been fully debugged, the download link at the official ArianeB page still points to version 7. I can only say to those vintage ArianeB lovers to grab a copy of 7.

Dating Ariane Game Solution -

Because the tenth anniversary edition of ArianeB may be announced as still the same, but she will not be the same any more The controversy between the old and the new Ariane has never been explained better: Aspiring Video Game Star. After a dozen and a half games we start to recognise the triggers that defines Shark's mojo. Take a young woman, a virgin still, and bring her in a situation where she will cross the boundaries between childhood and adultness in a coming of age ritual.

It will put Shark in a finger-licking mood and us, the players, as well. The series now counts 6 separate adventures or 11 episodes and Wendy has evolved into a young adult In Babysitting a journalist accommodates Lola, the daughter of his university mentor and friend, as she has to do some research at the local library.

Lola has a personal mission as well: Babysitting has a sequel, Rivalries , set a month later, where Chris has to further deal with an amorous Lola. On top of that she has invited her friend Evelyn over for the weekend who has heard of Chris' excellent deflowering abilities. Lola travels to a trustworthy friend's apartment. Evelyn is invited to stay for the weekend at Lola's place. It will not be different for Shark's latest freeware game. It is called Campus and counts two episodes. While she is still unpacking Bruce and Matthew, both third year students, say hello and propose to watch a DVD later on.

Bruce is the popular captain of the football team, Matthew is his opposite, a shy, slightly nerdy student. Also Meryl drops by, she is an extrovert and somewhat bratty type but without being snotty or arrogant Alyssa will meet some of those later as a matter of fact. Campus uses the same scoring system as Rivalries, during the game several decisions have to be made and these will add and sometimes subtract points to Alyssa's friends.

The friend with the highest score will get Alyssa's undivided attention during the college's hazing party, a highly incorrect ceremony that would be rather controversial and illegal in the real world. Campus is an erotic game, with plastic people doing naughty things in a plastic world and thus Shark manages to get away with that. The game has four possible endings, two of them are rather straightforward but the third is a real meanie and needs exactly the right path or it will lead to the fourth 'bad' ending.

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One good thing is that 'save' codes can be asked during the game, these codes make it possible to 'jump' to a desired scene without having to repeat the game all over from the beginning. Believe it or not, but Campus is again a masterpiece of Shark's perverted creativity and I do mean that as a compliment. For Christmas Shark uploaded a mini-game called Teasing where Alyssa spends her winter holidays on a tropical sunny beach with her aunt and niece Emilee.

Emilee, who wants to be a photo model, has noticed some boys on the beach and doesn't mind teasing them, in and out the water. The adventure doesn't go further than the obligatory sun lotion rubbing scene and some fun water sports or is that water fun sports? The perky Emilee always is the instigator and the real star of this adventure, while Alyssa tries to be the serious one.

Meanwhile Shark's Lagoon visitors wonder if there ever will be a follow up.

dating ariane game walkthrough 7.0

We'll see what the future will bring. All games are playable online and can be downloaded often in better quality at Rapidshare. I noted down the following codes when I played the game for this review and that incomplete list can be found hereafter: Powered By Thingamablog 1. Please leave this page if you are under Bejeweled with Boobs Friday, October 23, 4: Old School They have re-published some of those old and excellent software titles that were Little Big Adventure , Rollercoaster Tycoon , Theme Hospital and its spiritual and extremely funny but unfortunately immediately forgotten successor that was the space-station-simulation Startopia New School GOG also sells new games and my preference goes to those that are old school.

Popularity Contest Hunie Pop really isn't different. Tricky tips The internet, especially the Steam forum, has plenty of tricks and tips. Bonuses contains spoilers Kyu, the love fairy who guides you through the day, is unlocked after sleeping with the first girl.

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  4. HunieCam Studio Hunie Pop created some kind of a buzz when it was announced and its makers are trying to do the same with their new game HunieCam Studio , that is still in the works. Finally Lula seems to get some competitors out there. Hunie Pop Development Blog Tags: The objective of the game is to keep the population alive and grow it into a successful culture. Options for feeding the people include hunting and gathering, agriculture, trade, and fishing. However, sustainable practices must be considered to survive in the long-term.

    Senses working overtime Friday, April 11, 6: Six years later it is time for a sequel. That's all Angela needs to get in the right mood. More hints at the forum. Wallhard gives a building developing team one night to redesign their project, based upon the curves of their secretary Angela. Staff manager Dahlene is not really impressed with the attention the new secretary gets. ArianeB Wednesday, January 01, Forward he cried Those who have played the online version of Ariane Dating Game recently, and I mean the first Ariane Barnes incarnation that made this walkthrough blog a relative hit, may have noticed that some features have changed.

    Careful with that axe, Abe Plutarch already raised the question around the year 75 in his Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans. The introduction part of the game which was kind of lame anyway has been rewritten giving you two opportunities to demonstrate a trait to Ariane.

    The first is immediate and obvious: You then have a choice to kiss Ariane.

    The woman advertising the soft drink will play a role in ArianeB Part 2 as well, so it is rumoured. Bug correction repaired if you have a recent 7.

    Date Ariane! My first Date with Ariane!

    In one particular situation see: In Bed with Three the game halts when you follow ArianeB into her bedroom. This is all due to a typo in the script the game's author is aware of the bug and has included it into a so-called stealth upgrade, recent downloads will not have the issue. Open the file text The bug has now been repaired. At first sight none of the scenarios, except the amusement park one, have changed so all walkthroughs should still be valid. They will all be tested and the 7.

    Update 07 More information about ArianeB 7. The download location of the new update can be found at: Go on a virtual date with me, Ariane. How to start the game: Powered By Thingamablog 1.