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I'm around your age, he's a bit older.

I hereby offer myself up as a case study. I sent him the first message. We messaged back and forth slightly longer than usual because he happened to be out of town when I messaged him initially. I actually asked an AskMe about this , prior to the actual date.

Upshot - first date was casual and kind of all over the place. I was pretty sure the dude was never going to speak to me again. I cannot offer up anything about his thought process. After the extremely by the book 3 days, he asked me out again. I wanted to kick things up a notch, because drinks can be not a great indicator of who you really are and whether you're compatible. So I suggested a coffee shop that has a bunch of board games. We played Ticket To Ride. Then we went around the corner to a bar, which felt like a good omen.

There was a "walk you to your car" makeout.

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I think the transition you're talking about happened here. I really do credit an activity date with breaking the ice a bit, and the second venue was also key because it communicated "I like you and want to keep hanging out for more than just a cup of coffee and a brownie. Pretty much right after that same weekend, even?

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  3. Seven Things You Should Be Looking For By The Fifth Date?
  4. So we did that. It was pretty clearly a date type of hike, by this point, and there were no illusions about where we were headed. I felt like the ball was in my court at this point, and was worried that we were NEVER going to have sex. So I invited him to a taqueria near my place, with the intent of seducing him. This may have been the same weekend as Date 4, or possibly the following weekend. We have known each other maybe two weeks total by this point. I went to see a performance he was in. Lots of flirting and generally making it known that we like each other and want to be seeing more of each other.

    Seven Things You Should Be Looking For By The Fifth Date - the Urban Dater

    I sort of feel like this was when we drifted from numbered dates and getting to know each other into more of an early relationship kind of thing, where we were on the level of just assuming it was OK to hang out whenever and stopped needing organized dates as an excuse to see each other. On this date, he cooked me dinner and we rented a video from a bricks and mortar video store, which was not something I realized you could still do. If you must know.

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    It was another month or so before we had the Exclusivity Talk. I teach interpersonal communication at a college, and we cover the typical relationship stages. Admittedly, these are broad strokes, but here's what I give my students. You meet, or you exchange messages online. You learn each others' names and a bit about one another. If things seem promising, you make plans to go out, leading to You are spending time together, and trying to see what you have in common.

    This stage done well has good conversations about interests, experiences, perspectives and future hopes. You start figuring out if your are a good match. Do you like spending time together? Do you "get" each other? Is there some physical attraction? But a lot of attraction is good, too, of course. This stage might last four dates, it might last four months, depending on your temperaments. In the latter stages, you are definitely moving into romance. How do you know it is becoming romantic? I didn't date seriously until my mid's and I know that the friendship-to-romance transition seems mysterious.

    It doesn't have to be. If you met through OKCupid, she--for convenience, I'll assume it's a she--she wants a romantic relationship. If she's having multiple dates with you, she thinks you are a decent candidate for one. By the end of date three, seize an opportune moment and lean in close to kiss her. Chances are, she'll kiss you back, and then you are off and running. If she doesn't kiss back or it gets all awkward, then you know something else. Honestly, I'm a big fan of just asking sometimes what is going on. If you try the kiss and it doesn't seem to work, I would just say "I really like you and I felt like this was a romantic moment.

    Did I misread things? Or is my timing just bad? Don't ask up front, though. Try the kiss first. Keep doing what you are doing, but more of it. As you spend more time together, you'll find that you start checking with the other person before making plans. You start assuming that you will be with each other during free time. You start referring to the other person as your S.


    You stop dating other people or looking for other dates. You might talk about that together; it might just happen organically. Depending on your temperament and morals, this is usually where the sex begins, but I can't tell you a lot about that, because my wife and I were super conservative Christians and we waited until our wedding night. Yes, believe it--that is a true thing. The intensifying phase could last a long time. At some point, you will either discover problems that lead to a break up or you will want to make this permanent.

    If you move toward permanence, you are in the: You are now a couple!

    10 Dating Milestones & Why They Make Us Panic

    You merge your stuff and it becomes less "yours and theirs" and more "ours. The sign you have left the initiating stage is the first date. You date for a while; that is the exploratory phase. If you feel a connection and start kissing at least you are moving into the intensification phase. There are some stages after bonding, but that isn't important right now. Email me when you get married and I'll fill you in.